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Yesterday afternoon, the reporter back in old Feng Zhiyuan chant for elderly blind report read on that day all over again. Listen listen weep for the elderly, two lines of tears out cloudy eyes.fifa 14 coins The old man, listened to the stories reminded him of and son of the time, he was every summer back to Shanghai, to take her son Feng Jiushi Park, the wise son took him by the hand and hold on, with him playing every game project in the Park, until too tired to go any farther. Elderly said, he now really wanted to touch to son of hand, he has fast ten years didn't touch to son of hand has Feng Zhiyuan sister of wife, this year 73 age of Zhang Datai elderly finished reported Hou very excited, he said he hopes brother-in-law brother early rehabilitation, live later, hopes he can get brother-in-law woman and nephew of forgive and accept, last hopes will brother-in-law brother wrote of more than 500 compositions anthology log out, because this is he has been of wishes Director students memorable he of Nice

Shanghai, Shanghai the Shanghai morning post that 4 students for 50 years ago after the teacher treat sent million earmarked, and this linkage to cover it immediately in Shanghai found that 4 students send remittances. Teachers learned that 4 students is still very concerned about, and to admire are, 4 per capita is already a well-known Professor and Director, He Yin is Professor of comparative literature at Shanghai foreign language University, Liu Hanliang is a professor at Shanghai University of finance, Ms Dong Meirong, Huangpu district, Shanghai College of education senior teacher, Ms Shi Shujun, Director of the Shanghai film studio secondary of Guandi: Please give our regards to teacher

Reporter Feng Zhiyuan teacher and also taught for more than 40 years of zhongning County secondary of Guandi Ningxia Hui autonomous region has made contact. Was once a teacher student Zhu Feng of China also became a teacher at the University, he recalled that Feng was in history class on the casual image is still just around the corner. Dang learned that teacher in binocular blind Hou and body paralyzed Hou, Zhu Zhonghua teacher very sad, he said must will put this message tell school student, and please reporter generation school student to Feng Zhiyuan teacher Hello, wish he early recovery health Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region zhongning County Bureau staff Bai Zengxu said, von teacher in County in no people not knows, he of situation they is sympathy, but then to zhongning County zhibian of teacher very more, due to County financial difficult, all of zhibian teacher are no what special treatment. Elderly blind continues to teach things they admire, but can only ensure timely von sent to Changchun teacher's pension and health-care subsidies, and other things can do. Sohu staff have also been touched by the stories of the elderly, decided that the old story topics, and was launched today, face the nation called on elderly life taught students, Act to offer a caring for teacher, teacher Feng Zhiyuan tide over their difficulties. Starting from today, you simply click on the Sohu to see this series of reports and recent developments for the elderly, also you can use the Internet to send blessings for the elderly, this newspaper will be conveyed to the teachers Feng Zhiyuan.